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SoCal BOB, LLC provides practical continuing education about the “business of beer.”  We organize symposia for the purpose of educating brewery owners & employees and the brewery support industry about strategies for overcoming financial, legal, and business challenges involved in operating in the California beer trade.

dan drown, CIH

drown consulting, llc

Dan has over 30 years of experience in occupational safety and health in the chemical industry and 22 years as a homebrewer.  For the last 6 years Dan has provided safety services to SoCal craft breweries.  He is familiar with nearly all aspects of brewing and has implemented safety programs and provided training for dozens of SoCal craft breweries.  Dan applies Cal OSHA requirements to brewery operations and clearly explains them to brewery owners and employees.

Jim Crute, PhD

President lightning brewery

Jim is a Biochemist who executed a career change to the brewing industry.  For over 20 years he was a research scientist focused on developing treatments for important human diseases.  the biology and chemistry side of crafting great beers, and was an avid home brewer for 20+ years.  Jim founded the Lightning Brewery in 2005 and started crafting award winning beer. The Lightning Brewery tag line is “Better beer through science.”

Bill Reavey

RSR law group

Bill is a transactional attorney with over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate, M&A transactions and advising early stage companies.  He and other attorneys in his firm advise craft breweries, wineries and craft distilleries on financing, capital raising, leasing, and alcoholic beverage regulatory matters at the state and federal levels. They have multi-state experience on alcoholic beverage distribution contracts and other matters.


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